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Heating & Cooling Services
"Workmanship With Pride"
Homeowners that install systems with a minimum of 16 SEER capacity are eligible for a $300 tax credit!  Call us to discuss what improvements will earn you tax credit as well as save you money on utility costs.
What Kind of Rebates Are You Entitled To?
​Did You Upgrade Within The Last Few Years?  
You may still be eligible to amend your tax return and gain a tax credit for the year in which you made the improvement!  You may contact the IRS to file an amended tax return or work with a tax specialist.
​Window Film Installation Credit?
As of 2011, window film installation does not qualify for a tax credit.  However, if you've installed in the past, you may still be eligible to amend your tax returns to save up to 30% of the installation costs.

Never had it installed?  Call us for a quote.  The average home costs an additional $63 per month in utility costs due to glass window heat and cooling losses.  We can reduce this unneeded expense.
Insulation and Home Sealing
Adding insulation to "leaky" areas of your home will entitle you to tax credits of 10% of the installation cost as well as savings on your heating and cooling costs over the course of the year.  
​Call Today to Find Out How We Can Get You Tax Rebates This Year!
You may already be eligible and not know it!